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Today I swapped an old Volvo for a New Superb!

If you are reading this, or considering any kind of lease deal you are most likely already well aware of the benefits that come with leasing a car, however you might be completely ignorant to the whole topic. If I was to tell you could probably afford to drive the car of your dreams, in my case that’s the Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI CR SE L Executive 5dr, would you believe me? Furthermore, you can get it as a brand new car! Let that sink in, it is a brand new version of the car of your dreams, and you can drive it!

My Volvo has done a great job over the years but I need more space and have always wanted a bigger car, in particular I’ve always loved the Skoda Superb. In my situation, with the kind of car I want, I have two options; spend all of the money I have and have enough to buy a decent second hand car that’s a few years old on finance, or I could put the money towards a Skoda Superb Personal Car Lease! It would cover the initial payment as well as a bulk of the monthly payments. At this point, if you’re anything like me you will be picturing yourself in the car of your dreams, if on the other hand you are still considering getting a sensible used car, get off this page right now and never come back. It is the equivalent of paying 8k to date Louise Thompson for 4 years or paying 10 grand to marry Denise Van Outen. Sure Lindsay is still fit, but she’s had her day and has done a lot of miles and god knows what mods she’s had that you don’t know about.

In this day and age nobody owns anything anyway, no one cares that I’ve got a personal contract hire Skoda Superb that leaves me hunting for pounds down the side of the sofa every month, they will just see my watch/steering wheel snapchats and believe I’ve made a success of myself, when really, I can only afford the lease because I still live at my moms and she doesn’t make me pay rent! My sensible/dull uncle Michael always says, “you should buy a used car worth about 12k on finance and treat it like a saving exercise, ie, you’re leasing a used car for 3 years, but at the end of it you have asset worth the best part of £8k, so in effect you’ve saved 10k over the course of the lease…” Sounds great on paper, but what the hell does he know, he wears cardigans. Try chatting up a girl up town with a sensible lifestyle of living within your mean. I’ll take my chances with the Superb. If you think she’ll be put off by the fact I don’t own it, I’ll just lie and tell her I do, or tell her it’s a Skoda Superb Business Car lease, that way she’ll think it’s a perk of the sick job I’m still trying to get. Either way people will not catch me driving some beat up Volvo anymore. No way, I’d sooner wear cardigans!

All you need to remember its 4 years with Louise Thompson or marriage to Denise Van Outen…. Lohan or Ratajkowski…. If you aren’t committed to getting your equivalent to a contract hire Skoda Superb after the Louise Thompson Denise Van Outen comparison then you are beyond saving…. Enjoy your marriage.