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Motorbike Safety

Whilst we are big advocates for two wheeled vehicles and actively encourage people to start riding motorcycles, we are also well aware of the safety issues which must be taken firmly into account before getting on one.

It is not just a case of purchasing a bike, tootling up and down the country and taking it for an MOT and service every now and then; you are at more risk on a motorcycle than any car and you need to take the necessary precautions before hitting the open road.

If you are not quite sure just exactly what we are talking about, here are our top tips for motorbike safety – all of which you should think long and hard about before actually making the decision to purchase a vehicle.


Nitro-Reactor-Luxe-Motorbike-Helmet-Blue-1Helmet Up

A nice obvious pointer to start off with.  It is almost needless to say but you must always wear a crash helmet, but we have thrown it in just in case you were wondering whether it might be OK to give your headwear a miss on say a sunny afternoon trip to the local shops. It is not only a legal requirement when on the road, but it could also save your life.


Leather Is Better

Have you recently been somewhere in mainland Europe, somewhere with a significantly warmer climate than the UK where everybody rides around in a t shirt, shorts and flip flops? Well if you’re thinking this is the life for you when summer hits you are sadly mistaken – unless you are planning to move out there. It is also a legal requirement of the UK that everyone on a motorcycle must wear full leathers for protection, no matter how hot it is.


Easy On The Throttle

It can be easy to forget just how powerful motorcycles are and how incredible their acceleration is. Make sure you get to grips with the capabilities of one before you try testing its power out on the M42. Many are even faster than a Jaguar XF for example.


Motorcycle Deaths Rise In CaliforniaCareful Through Traffic

Yes, one of the great advantages of two wheels is that you can scoot in between the lanes of cars when they are at a standstill in traffic. However you need to take extra caution as you are driving in a very confined space and there is increased risk of an accident. You don’t want to be knocking the wing mirror off of a Mercedes CLK that’s for sure!