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Today I swapped an old Volvo for a New Superb!

If you are reading this, or considering any kind of lease deal you are most likely already well aware of the benefits that come with leasing a car, however you might be completely ignorant to the whole topic. (more…)

Introducing the New Audi TT!

Ohhh Gosh. It’s the new Audi TT and it looks bloody awesome. To be honest I’ve always pied the TT off as a bit of a girly car for hairdressers (no disrespect to hairdressers), however the new one actually looks pretty blokey, a little more squared and aggressive rather than round a bubbly. (more…)

Easy Road Riders: Top Car

The Lexus SC is a sporty looking convertible that provides seating for four but only comfortably seats two. The stylish head-turner includes all the gadgets and technology that has become associated with the firm. (more…)

Easy Road Riders – Top Car

The Maserati GranTurismo is everything an Italian super coupe should be – elegant, sophisticated and glamorous.
It offers terrific levels of comfort – with space for four – and is enjoyable to drive. (more…)

Road Trip: Africa

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned road trip and we are about to set out on one though Africa starting in Uganda and finishing in Victoria Falls, Zambia after 5,880km and approximately 45 days. In this post we shall discuss the all-important issue of what car we will be using. (more…)

Motorbike Safety

Whilst we are big advocates for two wheeled vehicles and actively encourage people to start riding motorcycles, we are also well aware of the safety issues which must be taken firmly into account before getting on one. (more…)